Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Heritage M.A.C

A compliment to the Scots population, weather you wear M.A.C make up or not!
When i seen the display and products at the House Of Fraser Glasgow, it drew my attention right away. I took a snapshot on the old HTC camera phone but doesn't quite do it justice so i've got some very clear shots from the website for a clearer view of 'A Tartan Tale' Concept they have going on. Most importantly, the concept behind it all is to raise funding for people of all ages and genders suffering from HIV and AIDS, "And for all the Bravehearts and beautiful souls that keep the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund flowing, we say, 'Tis Noble to Give." Absolutely amazing.

Lastly, whilst i'm on the subject of scotlands trade mark, one of my lovely friends Justine works alongside one of Glasgow's bespoke highland wear at MacGregor Macduff, appreciatingly working and designing new and innovative Tartan Weaves. What i really really want, and have for a good while now is a gorgeous and innovative Tartan Cape! I don't have the sources yet to properly make one but when i do, this is what i'm looking to produce in the near future hopefully, and maybe with the help of Justine :)


  1. Wow that cape is STUNNING! I have a vintage mohair tartan cape from Mr Bens that I pure love but I never know how to wear a bag with it - nightmare! Xx

  2. Aaw it's a wee beaut init!!
    Get wearing that cape now! Would love to see it :)
    You're probably best with a bag you can squeeze in between the elbow as opposed to a longer handle bag you'd wear over your shoulder xxx

  3. Ah Kateriiiina, you know i love a tartan cape aye aye. x

  4. spencey!!!!! why the eefff did you keep the bloggage quiet, had no idea you had one going on.
    no happy, it's looking absolutely fucking beaut, can i post it on my fb for people to see?? folks will love it man!!
    anyways, you and tartan capes, it's staple :)
    i miss you loads and hope london is going fab.
    love you xxxxxxxxx

  5. great post!!! awesome to see you have a already a loyal follower.oh and Ive got one tooo!!!hehe...its called 'I Am Here" if you want to check it ooot hen...Much love, miss your smile! xx