Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What Size?

Newly employed by size?, a generic mens casual/sports/apparel/fashion company branched throughout the UK owned by JD Sports.

Would never have thought i'd have such love and passion for the menswear clothing/footwear side of things, so much so that it guts me they don't, or very rarely stock amazing footwear for the female's majority of small feet :(

Chuffed with my new staff badge!

No discount until after 3 months though so no asking until then!

Here's just a selected few styles i'm admiring loads at the moment and if they had my size? and i had the money, i'd be buying them all!

And last but certainly not least...

1 comment:

  1. love the Nike Dunk high skinny maharam ones - berry colour's my fav! I bought a pair of shiny black and baby pink Nike dunks in NY and I've never worn them cos I just don't know how to pull off that look, but I do love looking at them! xx