Thursday, 11 August 2011

It's been a while...

Just thought I'd convert back to the old blog I'd made and started because I'm BORED!
Bored of being an unemployed bas, I've far too much time on my hands! Aye, the typical usScots never happy with what we've got, it's raining, we pray for sun and when it's sunny we pray for a bit of rain(I don't). Of course that's not me, but I shouldn't be complaining about not doing anything and take advantage of being an unemployed bas! Away ye go. I'm happy but would be much happier if I was designer and in a real full time career. Anyways, there's loads of stuff I've had time to enjoy, like the likes of music and design and people and so on, so I'd like to share it and hopefully whoever sees likes too :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Burial obsession

But definitely a healthy obsession!
From the minute one of my mates introduced me to this overwhelmingly good music i've been listening to tracks from Burial's album, Untrue, constantly and repeatedly playing the same tracks over and over!

I don't think i could have been introduced to him at a better time in my life though, a new year and with that i don't think i need to explain everything that comes with a new year for some people, a new job, new resolutions and for me, to have been introduced to some new beats that i'm admiring so much can only be and mean good things :)

Here's a few of the tracks i can't stop listening to. I hope you enjoy with the same pleasure as i do.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

What Size?

Newly employed by size?, a generic mens casual/sports/apparel/fashion company branched throughout the UK owned by JD Sports.

Would never have thought i'd have such love and passion for the menswear clothing/footwear side of things, so much so that it guts me they don't, or very rarely stock amazing footwear for the female's majority of small feet :(

Chuffed with my new staff badge!

No discount until after 3 months though so no asking until then!

Here's just a selected few styles i'm admiring loads at the moment and if they had my size? and i had the money, i'd be buying them all!

And last but certainly not least...

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Heritage M.A.C

A compliment to the Scots population, weather you wear M.A.C make up or not!
When i seen the display and products at the House Of Fraser Glasgow, it drew my attention right away. I took a snapshot on the old HTC camera phone but doesn't quite do it justice so i've got some very clear shots from the website for a clearer view of 'A Tartan Tale' Concept they have going on. Most importantly, the concept behind it all is to raise funding for people of all ages and genders suffering from HIV and AIDS, "And for all the Bravehearts and beautiful souls that keep the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund flowing, we say, 'Tis Noble to Give." Absolutely amazing.

Lastly, whilst i'm on the subject of scotlands trade mark, one of my lovely friends Justine works alongside one of Glasgow's bespoke highland wear at MacGregor Macduff, appreciatingly working and designing new and innovative Tartan Weaves. What i really really want, and have for a good while now is a gorgeous and innovative Tartan Cape! I don't have the sources yet to properly make one but when i do, this is what i'm looking to produce in the near future hopefully, and maybe with the help of Justine :)

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Happy Birthday Marydoll

60 years of Marydoll


Happy Birthday mum 

Monday, 22 November 2010

James Holden, Nathan Fake

James Holden and Nathan Fake, both young talented electronic music producers who i was gutted to not be seeing last night, and of all places, Glasgow!

I know i know! I don't think i really need to explain much about them though, this track Nathan Fake produced, with James Holdens collaberation remix is an absolute treat, it speaks for itself and If you can listen to it and enjoy the journey it takes you then i'll be one wee happy chappy.


New to a blog

I've pondered with the idea for ages and whenever there's something of some sort i've wanted to output in some way, a blog has been the answer.
I'm always on the internet as thousands and thousands of other people are, it's a great thing these days by the way, You name it, it's on the world wide web :)

So i can safely say, a majority of us are dependant on the internet.
This new blog will be for me to express and enjoy. For others to view and hopefully enjoy, and maybe share similarities in what we think and feel.

Please enjoy, all thoughts, criticism and comments are welcome.