Thursday, 11 August 2011

It's been a while...

Just thought I'd convert back to the old blog I'd made and started because I'm BORED!
Bored of being an unemployed bas, I've far too much time on my hands! Aye, the typical usScots never happy with what we've got, it's raining, we pray for sun and when it's sunny we pray for a bit of rain(I don't). Of course that's not me, but I shouldn't be complaining about not doing anything and take advantage of being an unemployed bas! Away ye go. I'm happy but would be much happier if I was designer and in a real full time career. Anyways, there's loads of stuff I've had time to enjoy, like the likes of music and design and people and so on, so I'd like to share it and hopefully whoever sees likes too :)

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Burial obsession

But definitely a healthy obsession!
From the minute one of my mates introduced me to this overwhelmingly good music i've been listening to tracks from Burial's album, Untrue, constantly and repeatedly playing the same tracks over and over!

I don't think i could have been introduced to him at a better time in my life though, a new year and with that i don't think i need to explain everything that comes with a new year for some people, a new job, new resolutions and for me, to have been introduced to some new beats that i'm admiring so much can only be and mean good things :)

Here's a few of the tracks i can't stop listening to. I hope you enjoy with the same pleasure as i do.